Faces and Stories of Europe – Shaping the Future of Europe with Contemporary Witnesses

Impulse paper

"Witnesses" wants to commemorate 50 years of the civil rights movement, 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Europe and 40 years of civic participation in European elections. This memory must be well prepared and made useful for future generations. This includes these "milestones" of Europe – these history(s) of the European Union will be given faces by "Witnesses". Faces and stories that emotionally tell of hopes, disappointments, of people and their life plans, of restrictions and dictatorships, of freedom and peace.


With "Witnesses", citizens are actively involved in shaping Europe. The aim is to bring citizens from all partner countries together so that they can become active citizens through their experiences - milestones in Europe. These will be very personal and emotional reports, peppered with personal photos and newspaper articles. These citizens come together and report on the 68 revolution, anti-Semitism, citizen participation for 40 years through European elections and over 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, on the enlargement to the East, the Nobel Peace Prize and of course on past and current challenges.


At the international meeting and multiplier events, the project "Witnesses" will address the questions that are to be discussed today for the future of Europe. Young citizens in particular will gain the courage and commitment to take an active part in Europe as citizens. The history of "exclusion and loss of citizenship" will also be remembered. The fact that citizens from Greece and Bulgaria are interviewed makes dictatorship and thus violence against people a topic of discussion.

The following project activities are planned in all partner countries: Research of contemporary witnesses: faces and stories of Europe Creation of a questionnaire for the interview with the contemporary witnesses Preparation and organization of image and sound material Generation-spanning eyewitness dialog: Discussions and interviews, exchange of photos, newspaper reports and other evidence of the witnesses of the time.

  • Editing interviews with contemporary witnesses (translating texts, editing subtitles)
  • radio campaign
  • International multiplier events "Faces and Stories of Europe – Shaping Europe's Future"
  • International panel discussion
  • Evaluation of the results
  • Constitution of the impulse paper