Athens, Greece

Symeon Konstantinidis

Symeon Konstantinidis, 59 years old, is a graduate of the School of Naval Tests (Supreme Military). He holds a Master's degree in Oceanography-Meteorology from the University of Monterrey, California, USA. During his career in the Navy, he continued his education at various military schools in America (San Diego, California, Virginia and Florida, and Belgium, Ostend). He has served as Governor and Commander in various units of the Fleet Headquarters, as well as in the General Staffs of National Defense, the Crete Navy, the Hydrographic Service and NATO Headquarters in Naples, Italy. Since his retirement, he has dealt with historical, environmental, meteorological and oceanographic issues and given lectures on various subjects. He has published several studies in professional journals.

Christina Papageorgiou

Maria Skourti

Theodosia Simigdala

Theodosia Simigdala is 69 years old. She has worked for over 30 years as a secretary in a large law firm. She is the mother of two daughters, Nikiana (leading molecular biologist in cancer research) and Despoina Simigdala (designer). At the time of the junta, she was 17 years old and her job was in the centre of Athens, in the midst of what was happening. Her testimony is particularly important, because people from her private environment were tortured by the dictatorship.

Evagelia Pelekanou

Evagelia Pelekanou, 83 years old, mother of two children. She worked for many years as a nurse in the hospital and the elderly homes and was the sole breadwinner in her family for a long time. Now she is retired. Her testimony is particularly important because people from her private environment were tortured by the dictatorship. Mrs Pelekanos lives in Kifissia, where there is a large cemetery and the dead murdered by the junta were brought in, while the junta claimed there were no deaths.

Konstantinos Manaras

Konstantinos Manaras, 85 years old, was born in Kifissia, Attica. He graduated from high school with eight classes and speaks English. He worked in the newspaper "The evening newspaper" and "Naftemporiki" (newspaper for shipbuilding) for about 30 years as an office worker. He is a pensioner.

Antonis Apergis

Antonis Apergis, 57 years old, was born in 1962 in Kardiani, on Tinos. He studied merchant naval engineering and was employed as an officer in the merchant navy, where he traveled on merchant ships.

Elefteria Stefanou

Elefteria Stefanou, 78 years old, was born in May 1941 in Heraklion, Crete. In 1965 she moved to Athens, where she experienced the dictatorship at the age of 26. She worked in the clothing industry as a freelancer. She is a mother of two children and a pensioner.

Pantelitsa Manolaka

Pantelitsa Manolaka was born in Kos, Dodecanese. She is mother of two children, lives in Petroupoli, Athens. She was employed by the public health insurance for 40 years. She is now a pensioner.

Ioannis Polychronis

Ioannis Polychronis, 85 years old, was born in 1934. During the dictatorship he was 33 years old and worked as an employee for the Greek bus company in Athens. He is retired and has two children.