Lüneburg, Germany

Interview with Bernd Werner

Bernd Werner was born in 1959 in Mannheim/ Baden-Württemberg. He lives in Lüneburg/ Niedersachsen since 2004.

Interview with Gisela Plaschka

Gisela Plaschka was born in 1954 in Stelle/ Niedersachsen. She lives in Amelinghausen/ Niedersachsen.

Interview with Kathrin Schmidt

Kathrin Schmidt was born in 1966 in Genthin/ Sachsen-Anhalt. She lives in Lüneburg/Niedersachsen since 2008.

Interview with Thomas Becker

Thomas Becker is a practicing lawyer and notary from Lüneburg/ Niedersachsen. He was born in 1951 in Lüneburg.

Interview with Jens-Uwe Thümer

Jens-Uwe Thümer was born in 1967 in Berlin/ West. He lives in Lüneburg/ Niedersachsen since 1995.

Interview with Michael Senkpiel

Michael Senkpiel was born in 1964 in Güstrow/ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Since his escape from the the German Democratic Republic (DDR) in 1989 he lives in western Germany. He lives in Eyendorf/ Niedersachsen since 1993.