Lüneburg, Germany

International workshops with contemporary witnesses

MIE/Lüneburg | 05. and 06.06.2019

The two workshops took place in the Bernhard-Riemann-Gymnasium Scharnebeck with contemporary witnesses from all participating countries. A professional camera of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg made the high quality videos possible.

Contemporary witnesses reported on the milestones of European history – especially from a Western European perspective. Here the Treuhand-Anstalt was the subject – the "sell-out of the GDR" – as well as the report of an escape from the GDR.

Contemporary witness reports – faces with stories of Europe – were created which leave special experiences for posterity and can be used in history and politics lessons.


Lüneburg, Germany

Faces and stories of Europe

All partners supported pupils in the search for contemporary witnesses.
Contemporary witnesses who could tell about their experiences with the military dictatorship in Greece, the democratic change in Bulgaria and the fall of the wall and its consequences in Germany.

Young citizens from Greece, Bulgaria and Germany received a vivid historical insight and overview of the EU and its important milestones. National identity was understood as part of European identity. A questionnaire for the Contemporary Witness Dialogue was developed in transnational dialogue with the partners. Audio and video recordings were prepared and organised.

International events

Postponed to March 2021 because of Covid-19

International Education exhibition DIDACTA, Stuttgart, Germany

Presentation of the contemorary witnesses – Videos | 27/03/2020

International Multipliers Event within the framework of the DIDACTA:

"Faces and Stories of Europe – 30 Years of Democratic Change" | 27/03/2020