Athens, Greece

"Witnesses Faces and histories of Europe"

Gymnasium Acharnon | May 10th, 2019

Students of the Gymnasium Acharnon (7th-9th grade) were motivated to research contemporary witnesses for a workshop on May 10th, 2019 with the help of Educommart and to invite them to participate. About 100 students were motivated to research for contemporary witnesses in their own environment after they were informed about the event. Many students live closely together with their grandparents or not far away from them. It was an obvious opportunity for them to search for contemporary witnesses who experienced the dictatorship period in Greece and to get them to talk to them.

The Kifissias Pensioners' Association, with about 50 members (pensioners between 60 and 80 years of age) was informed about the project and was motivated to participate in the planned event as contemporary witnesses, to conduct contemporary witness dialogues with their grandchildren. The community of Kifissia was informed about this project.

Multiplier event: faces and histories of Europe – shaping Europe's future

Gymnasium Acharnon | May 22nd, 2019

Educommart, together with the director of the Acharnon Grammar School, Acharnes, Mrs. Makri, organised an information event on 22/05/2019 as part of a workshop entitled "Witnesses and stories of Europe". The focus of this event was the military coup in Greece in 1967 with a focus on the upcoming European elections. The students (7th to 9th grade) were informed about the historical events of this period, which lasted for seven years and had a great influence on the educational and social system in Greece. Educommart showed pictures of the military coup, which reflected the seven-year military dictatorship in Greece in its different phases.

The students gained an impression of the "decay of democracy in Athens", the birthplace of democracy, and were informed about the current political situation - not only in Greece, but in the whole of Europe. The event was also attended by teachers from the school who, in exchange with the pupils, discussed the importance of the elections, but also the discussion of political issues in the school.


Athens, Greece

Faces and stories of Europe

All partners supported pupils in the search for contemporary witnesses. Contemporary witnesses who could tell about their experiences with the military dictatorship in Greece, the democratic change in Bulgaria and the fall of the wall and its consequences in Germany.

Young citizens from Greece, Bulgaria and Germany received a vivid historical insight and overview of the EU and its important milestones. National identity was understood as part of European identity. A questionnaire for the Contemporary Witness Dialogue was developed in transnational dialogue with the partners. Audio and video recordings were prepared and organised.

The dialogues with contemporary witnesses took place in Greece at different times in the course of the project. Many of the contemporary witnesses wanted to be interviewed in their private rooms, as they were not flexible in visiting a venue due to their age. Educommart's staff prepared the interested contemporary witnesses by telephone about the project and the course of the interviews. Some interviews with contemporary witnesses took place in the Café "Oti prepi", Petroupoli. The last interviews were organised by the team of Educommart on 04.01.2020 in the cultural studio "Isogeioart", Kifissia with a professional direction and camera team.


Athens, Greece

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